The man with the eye patch

Under the great portico of the great Uffizi gallery you can find artists eking out a living. It is a cold damp place for a pop up gallery. However there is evidence of tolerance shown by both the artists and local law makers.

Pop up gallery at Ufitzi

Pop up gallery at Uffizi

I stopped to talk to one of the artists. He spends the summer painting and selling his work in Florence and then travels to Portugal and sells his work there. He said it gets too cold for him, so he only paints in Florence in the good weather.


When I told him I was painting with Alvaro, he could not believe it, and wanted to know where we were going to be the next day. Unfortunately I could not tell him as Alvaro only told us the next morning where we were going to paint. Now I realise there was a reason for that. As we were stalked for two days by a fan of Alvaro’s on the Cinque Terre.

I really liked this guys work, it appeared to be collage, but on closer inspection it was all painted.

Carlo Piagentini

Carlo Piagentini

If you would like to see ore of Carlo’s work please click here.

One of the things that I enjoy most is talking to the locals,  and finding out what they do, where they eat and the best places to visit that are off the beaten track.





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